Have you done Handsome Jack?



Probably thinking ‘bout his handsomeness. 

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"…What do you mean a reminder?"

"If a magician never reveals their tricks, why should I? You’ll see. In time."

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"Considering it seems like I’m the only one with the guts to say such things, that doesn’t seem all that accurate." 

"With guts, Sammy? No, pumpkin, I think you’re the only stupid one to say such things. Maybe we weren’t quite clear on your employee orientation, I think ts time for a reminder”.

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[what the hell is going on with tumblr like really it’s not showing your reblog sammy this is frustrating]

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Just like your side remarks and your little comments make you look like a coward.

So. Sammy. How’s the wife?

What was the last thing you got Angel for her birthday?


I’ll answer this one.

he gave me a themed sweater. at least it was comfy.

Hyperion would like to thank  you for visiting Opportunity, and reminds you that stepping on the grass areas is punishable by death.

jeek do you like cookies c:


why yes I do. hyperion brand!

torgue cookies taste like nothing but ashes. plus these are chocolate chip and not raisins.

Attention citizens of Pandora, Handsome Jack here!

I would like to bring your attention to that floating thing on the horizon, if you’re on the mainland. You see that thing over there? The people living on that floating city have been stealing from you. That’s right —stealing.

They have stolen a great opportunity to make your lives better. They had robbed you of prosperity, of good health care, of proper education. They have taken you from seeing a future worth of giving to your children, and what are you doing to fix this?


You shouldn’t let those bandits take everything from you! Why are you standing there letting them rob you of a good life, join Hyperion today and teach them who’s really in control!